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Globrocks 'Recommends' Tax-Deductible Financing to Grow Your Global Business using only 'Top-Notch' IT Solutions and Services of the New ERA!

@Globrocks, we are Passionate, We feel Obligated, therefore deeply Committed to help Fellow Entrepreneurs to grow using the Technology, and to 'Maximize' the benefits of their scare resources.

While you must consult your Professional Accountant and make Extremely WISE Fiscal decisions with serious discipline, every successful Small, Mid-Sized Business and Enterprise realize the existence and the immeasurable benefits of the Computer Software and Hardware Solutions with

100% Tax-Deductible Financing up to $125, 000 previously, now for 2013 and 2012, $500,000 on new and used equipment, as well as off-the-shelf software with $2,000,000 maximum before amount that can be spent on equipment before the Section 179 Deduction available to your company begins to be reduced available to Business of all sizes!


*Globrocks is Educating by sharing this 'Practical Knowledge' knowing it is the 'Right' way to go! We hereby state that we will not and do not have any affiliation with any financial institution or leasing company. You may already have a Leasing Company, so feel free to shop for the best one to meet your Unique needs.

Now is the Time to 'Take Action', to get all the Business Technology you need to grow your Business Today! Most Solid and Efficient Financing Companies will usually get you approved within 24-48hrs right after our Services and Solutions Assessment. 

Your Business Technology Financing Option May Look like this:
*Five Easy Steps to Lease Financing For Your Business IT Solution Needs* 


1. Choose a Solutions and Services          2. Research, Pick and Choose Financing Company
2. Activate your Lease Account
3. Design a Lease Program
(Your personal professional Account Executive customizes a lease to
match you and your company's needs)
4. Your Financing Company issues Your IT Purchase Order
(Globrocks customize, Lead and Execute Your Solutions and Services to meet your Short Term and Long Term Goals based on your Visions, Missions, Values, Goals and Strategic direction)

We are aware there are Financing Establishments that has the Following Fiscal Lease Financing Products:


Equipment Leasing
•Application only - up to $75,000, One-hour credit decisions, Same-day funding available for equipment leasing, Commercial Financing, Commercial financing from $75,000 - $50,000,000, Easy application process and quick funding


Vendor Financing
•No-hassle, application-only program up to $150,000- $500, 000+. Best rates and fast funding, Web-based sales tools


Working Capital Loans
•Working capital business loans up to $150,000 - $500, 000+- fast, No restrictions on how you use your working capital loan


*'Due Diligence' and Exhaustive Research  is highly recommended!

'The Global Fiscal Perspective'- Get It!