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'Technology WhenEver, AnyHow, AnyWay, AnyTime, AnyWhere & EveryWhere'
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The Right People, The Right Skills, The Right Way'

'Global Perspective-Inspired' Business and Techology Connectivity Solutions Engineering For The New ERA at It's Best'

'We Architect, Design, Build, Maintain, Implement & Support Business IT Architecture-Infrastructure'
We Understand & Optimize Them; We Assess, Analyze, Plan & Deploy them!


Globrocks bring Experience-Based Solutions and Services provided by Solid Independent, Interdependent Talents, Industry Certified and Skilled Business Technological Heavy Hitters who Execute Based on Your Visions, Missions and Short and Long Term Goals, and Aspirations!

@ Globrocks, we continually enhance our Global Business Technology Mission with the Best Business Computer Networking Solutions and Services for your Small Business, Mid-Sized and Enterprise Businesses.

Global Business Computer Networking Solutions and Services


♦ Unique Entrepreneurial Talents-Strenghts and Skills, by Entreprenuers
♦ Team-Solid, Solid Team Business Technology Heavy-Hitting
Superior Customer Service with Excellence
♦ Short to Long Term IT Maintenance and Support
Proactive Full-Service Business IT Management
On-Site, Off-Site Executions and Implementations
Free Start! 1 hr Business  Technology Assessment

Our Core Technology 'Heavy-Hitting' Embraces...


Windows Server and Desktop System: *Architect + Validate your Forests, Trees, OUs, and Child Domains to Plan. *Design and Deploy a Robust Global Business Technology Environmental Architecture.

*Perform smoother Mergers, Acquisitions, Migrations, Redesigns and Reorganizations.

Digital Convergence: *Connecting Your Business Technology to the new ERA World-of-Work of Streamlined Communications with Unified Communications (UC) on a most Solid Business Technology Foundation.

Architecture-Infrastructure: *Maximize the Performance, Reliability and Resiliency of your Business Technologies. *Accelerate Solution Deployments, Maximizing the Value of your Investments. *Migrate Your Business from expensive Server Hardware and Software. *Deploy new Servers on Optimized Hardware Design Architecture-Infrastructure. *Integrate Centralized Systems and Security Management, Discovering, Unifying and Monitoring Integrated ID Management  System of Systems.
Wireless Connectivity: *Empower with Mobility. *Maximize Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness using the latest Secure Wireless Protocols, RF Engineering, Spectrum Allocation, Large-Scale Network Design, and Network Systems Architecture.
Storage and Content Networking: *Develop and Deploy Centralized Storage Strategy, and Content Network Architecture-Infrastructure to  meet your Changing Business needs. Minimize the stress on your Storage Servers and Network. 
Ensure High-Availability, Business Continuity: *Implement Sophisticated Technology Tools to ensure Instant RESILIENCE + Recovery during and after a Disaster

Integrated Customer Relationship Management Into Your Systems Architecture: *Develop Centralized Architecture-Infrastructure Powered intimate profitable customer relationships and connections through Lead, Opportunity Management and Incident Management. *Execute an Internal Searchable knowledge base and Reporting tools.

* Take Rapid ACTION Now by Scheduling Your Personalized Free Start! 1 hr Business  Technology Assessment