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October 2006


Unified Communications (UC)
The "Last Hurray" of Disparate Communication Systems and Technologies is...  
                                                                    ...the "Unification" of Unified Messaging and Communication Vendors!


Ifeanyi O. Asonye
The final stages has finally arrived, set for the biggest fight in the history of Unified Communications among key Vendors, Technology Partners and Manufacturers such as Google Inc, Oracle Corp, CISCO, IBM Corp and Microsoft, among many others. It might include the free software movements only in a certain category of the obvious consumer IM, that's freely available

This imminent total knock-down and complete knock-out situation is nicely "transitioning" to a very much desired technical unification, and the convergence of several disparate technologies. The reality of the situation is that the choice of Vendor can easily make or break a service providers competitive advantage for several years to come. We must note that the TRUE power of TEAM work is very similar to the true POWER of a Unified Environment, in this case, the Unification of Unified Communications System among different TOP Vendors. The vendor-side Unification would then enable tightly Unified IT.


The concept of unified using digital convergence technology is a very big and hot area; as it's happening right now.

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